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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Negatives of Social Networking

After my last post, a few things have come to mind regarding using social network sites in emergency management and response. Here are some things social networking should never be used for:
 Subitting tips to the police
 Unrestricted access to specific details regarding response or responders
 Pictures of incidents that have not been released to the media
 Unconfirmed details
 Details not released by the incident commander
We all know that information can easily fall into the wrong hands, so using social networking sites, or any forms of media, can be deterimental to an incident. For example, if using Facebook to distribute information about a kidnapped child, the poster needs to keep in mind that the kidnapper can access Facebook and stay one step ahead of law enforcement. In these situations, the less information plastered around the internet, the better.

Please, feel free to add any other problems you predict with social networking, in regards to an emergency situation.

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